Welcome back to Week 3 of my Meditation Challenge

This last week has been a bit rough on me, for some reason I didn’t feel very good, my migraine is back. Guess it’s because of the weather. But well, somehow I still managed to get the post done =)

We already have done 2 weeks of this meditation challenge. I am proud of myself, that I haven’t given up yet.

I have to confess I skipped twice. But this week I will work a bit harder on my motivation. Maybe it will get easier, because the next two weeks we will be focusing on Anxiety  and Patience.

Here I have real problems. So hopefully this will help me to solve them =) I really have big trouble focusing and sitting still and just letting things happen, without taking immediate action. I become jittery and then I  feel like I am not able to get anything done.

I start focusing on all the stuff I have to get done and it’s this huge mountain of work, but this usually leads to me not getting anything done at all, because I don’t even want to start, because it’s sooooo much. But instead of taking a real time out and relaxing and recharging my batteries, I feel horrible because of doing nothing.

Do you know that problem?

It’s like something just won’t let you be content and rest. You want to force things, are fidgety and usually it leads to disappointment and then you become discouraged. In the end whenever you let the unrest take over, you end up achieving less than you would have if you stayed patient or you don’t notice the tiny achievements that actually happened.

When you meditate the unrest might hit you the worst. Nothing to focus on. Suddenly there is an itch, the air is to cold or you have this urge to start moving.

What helps is patience. There is this saying : Rome wasn’t built in a day.
Nothing comes right away, everything needs time. Nothing is easy and by taking it one step at the time, instead of asking for instant perfection, we
are able to take a step back and actually take in what is happening.

You stop being caught in a moment and can start to understand it.

And suddenly you are able to realise that there is no reason to feel uneasy. Nothing is running away from you. You don’t have to force things. By being patient we learn to stay in the here and now. We learn to accept that change takes time.
It takes time to learn to sit still and just be. It takes time to learn a new task, it takes time to get things done.

In the end instead of running we learn to stay still, instead of acting on our impulses and unrest we can learn to give our desires space and are able to understand them first.

Patience is what helps you to stay calm in difficult situations and by being patient, actually you will gain more time, because you won’t rush into unnecessary things anymore and get caught up by distractions.

Yeah this sound like something I really have to learn. I am not able to shut down, there is this constant worrying about all the stuff that has to get done. Instead of tackling one, being patient and taking it slow, I am, while doing one, already
with my mind by the next one and get nothing done at all.

This will be a good lesson for me I think.

So this is the plan for Week 3 :


10-Minutes Meditation

+ Mantra for Patience: Time to let go of Confidence and Doubts and to pick a new Mantra. This one is specially for your patience.

Think about Time.

What do you feel when you think about this word? Are there any negative feelings? Why is that? Are there any good feelings?

Think about a sentence that mirrors this positive feelings. The feeling of not having to rush, of having all the time you need?

If you found one, write it down like you did the last time and think about ways to incorporate the Mantra in your daily life.

What worked last week, what will you try differently.


10-Minutes Meditation

+ Earthing: This is a simple 5 minutes exercise to help you reconnect with yourself and to calm yourself, whenever you notice you are getting uneasy.
Those of you doing Yoga will already have an idea. The mountain pose is one of the best grounding poses. You put your feet shoulder-wide apart and stand straight.
Be careful not to bent over backwards to much, to stop this from happening tuck in your belly a bit and then when your straight, relax again.

Stand solid with your whole foot on the ground. Imagine your feet becoming heavy, and becoming one with the ground, like the roots of a tree.
Your spine straightens up towards heaven, leave your hands open, showing forward. Arms hanging loose down your side. Imagine being one with the earth.

Now when you breathe in, let the air travel from the top of your head, down to your feet and let the energy flow into ground through the soles of your feet.

Let all the negative energy leave your body.

Do this for 5 minutes, whenever you feel like you need it. I will try to this every time now, when I am done with learning and work, to clearly start dividing my private life and the rest.

Monday, Tuesday:

10-Minutes Meditation


10-Minutes Meditation

+Midweek Review: Here we go again, Review-Time 😉. The same then last week, just other situations.

Get a paper and pencil and get writing :

In which situations am I becoming uneasy? What do I do when I become uneasy (biting nails, playing around with stuff, tensing up, just to name some reactions). Did I use my new Mantra and more importantly did it help?

Thursday, Friday:

10-Minutes Meditation

That’s all for this week. Enjoy the new challenges and keep on going. You are doing great =)
If you have any questions feel free to write me. Here you get to week 4.
Now Happy Meditating 😉

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