(Wow this one is late, somehow my scheduling plugin just didn’t work properly. I am really sorry about this, I was at home the whole weekend, visiting my parents, and just noticed that my posts were not published. Again I am very sorry)

We are in Week 4 of our journey for 10 weeks to inner peace =)

Already 21 days of meditation. Anybody noticing any differences yet?

I have the feeling I am a bit calmer and sitting 10 minutes became a lot easier. So I am really curious on how this all will progress.

Week 4 is like week 2 a repetition of the former topic. We are sticking with Patience and Anxiety, there won’t be many changes. We just want to deepen our understanding a bit. So this is going to be a rather short week plan.

So let’s go this is the plan.

Meditation Challenge Week 4 :


10-Minutes Meditation

+ Review : Grab something to write. When are you getting impatient? What situation challenge you to stay focused and calm?

Now give yourself an aim to work too, every time you noticing yourself getting restless, breath in 3 times, let go of the pressure or do the earthing exercise (week 3) and let all the negative feelings and tenseness flow out of you till you are able to keep on going.


10-Minutes Meditation


10-Minutes Meditation with a twist: I want to introduce a little twist to the meditation.

I have huge trouble sitting still, but I already noticed, meditating outside helps me a lot. Sadly I don’t have a garden. This is why I will try out to mediate with music.

This should help. Something without singing, just instrumental. This way every time my thoughts go back to daily life I can concentrate on the melody instead.

When I was younger I actually used to lie on the ground and listened to random classic music, to get ideas on what to paint next.

I hope it will help me to stay focused and I hope it won’t inspire me too much, because then I have the immediate urge to get up and paint,
which would be slightly contra productive.


10-Minutes Meditation (with or without music)


Review-Time: What are typical signs of you getting restless? Did you use your Mantra in these situations?

Which Mantra helped you more? Did the Earthing technique help you?


This is all for this week. Happy Practising and till next week. =)

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