Welcome back to week 5 and 6 of my meditation challenge.

Huh you might are surprised that I am back with this challenge , but I am not giving up yet. I have a confession to make, the last weeks were the ones were my personal black hole opened and I, being the queen procrastinating, just couldn’t force myself to meditate.

But I am not giving up this easily. This means I will start again, for me and also for you.

Can’t just leave you all hanging because of my personal issues, right?

So funny as it is, my personal issue is actually the thing we are going to work with the next two weeks. I decided to do the next two weeks together, as the topic isn’t changing.

So let’s get working to fight our laziness this week (well better I have to fight against it really badly). This will be all about getting our Motivation going and to finally stop postponing.

We all know this feeling, when everything seems more interesting and fun, then doing what you are actually supposed to do.

I sometimes wake up and would love to just turn over again, that’s why I hit the snooze button more than 10 times on these days. I feel sluggish and tired and totally not motivated, because what am I doing this for, what use is it?

Do you know this kind of thoughts? If not, I am totally jealous of you, because they drag me down to often.

It is this horrible inner lethargy. Others, like a friend of mine, have also a problem with lethargy, but there it goes in a different direction.

She is afraid of change, she became so comfy with her life, that she is stuck and not willing to accept any unusual things. I am not saying that being content with what you have is a bad thing, but when you get scared of changes, you get stuck and you start worrying. You stop trying to be your best version of yourself, but instead you try your hardest to stop everything that is different. You are not living live as it comes anymore, but you are stuck in the past.

This is just another form of lethargy. You lost the motivation to live life to the fullest and to call upon your full potential.

The thing you need is excitement and motivation. You have to start treasuring movement and change again and you have to stop saying tomorrow instead of now.

Tomorrow will always be tomorrow. Instead of wasting precious time, doing things right away will save you thinking about what else you have to do. You need to do something? You do it right away and then you are done with it.

Well this is so much easier said then done.

“Just ten more minutes.” My favorite sentence. But instead of enjoying these ten minutes I worry about all the things I put off and am not really relaxing at all. So these ten minutes were for nothing. I didn’t relax and I didn’t do anything.

So with these thoughts in mind it is time to work on the issue.

Let’s start the week plan, as usual on Saturday.


15-min Meditation ( Time to sit longer, this is going to be a really difficult challenge for me, but hey I was just talking about pushing myself)

+ Mantra : Grab your pen and a diary and sit down. Think about this one situation were your excitement was the biggest. Which moments were your happiest and gave you the feeling to be able to conquer the whole world. Now just close your eyes and let the words that describe this situation the best come to you.

Write all of them down. These are your building stones for your new Mantra. Just play around with them till one feels right. You already did that a couple of times by now, so it should become easier to form words you are having a connection with.

Voila your new Mantra 😉


15-min Meditation

+ A tiny extra exercise. I want you to challenge yourself. Do something you are maybe not feeling really comfy with. Something you have been dreading since month now. If it is cleaning out your closet, cleaning your car, calling an old friend.

Whatever it is, just do it and let it go. With this heavy stone gone, how much lighter do you feel?

Monday, Tuesday:

15-min Meditation


15-min Meditation

+ Analysing Day: You should plan another 15 minutes for this. Get your diary and pen out and write down, what are the situations you procrastinate the most. Which things do you just always put off again and again and think about why you are doing that. How do you feel when you lay things off?

That’s all you have to do for now.

Thursday, Friday:

15-min Meditation

Saturday Week 2:

15-min Meditation

+ Review: Same as usual, adept your Mantra if you are not completely happy yet.

Sunday Week 2:

15-min Minutes

+Extra Challenge: This will be a tough challenge for you. I want you to not postpone anything at all. The whole week neither I nor you are going to procrastinate.

You think you should bring the trash out, you do it right away. You think about how you have to call your doctor, you call right away. No “but’s”, just doing it. Let’s try to make our daily life a habit and to stop thinking about what we all have to do, but to just do it instead.

Monday, Tuesday Week 2:

15-min Meditation

Wednesday Week 2:

15-min Meditation

+ Analysing Day: As usual get a piece of paper and pen out. This time we are going to make a list.

A list of things you can bribe yourself to get things done.

You will hang up on a wall in your home. Somewhere were you can see it everyday. I will hang it next to my working place. Now every time you do something you really didn’t want to, you can choose something from the list
to treat you.

This will definitely help us to get going I think 😉

Thursday, Friday Week 2:

15-min Meditation

Lastly, if you really want to fight against procrastination. I found two lovely post that have loads of nice tips and tricks ” 21 ways to crush your procrastination” from the timemanagementninja. Some of the tips are plain
genius (“Take a shower” didn’t expect that, but I can see how that could actually help)

The other is a rather official article from the telegraph “ How to stop procrastinating now”. Here you get some nice background information, the whole thing has a slightly more scientific touch. So feel free to check them out.

Otherwise feel free to share your own tips on how you get motivated. If you have written post about this topic you can share them here.

Everything that will help others is appreciated =)

Have a lovely day and go on meditating 😉

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