How did it go last week? Where you able to fight against procrastination? Or do you need more work? For me to be honest I need much more work. I will take last week exercises with me and add the actual ones from this week topic.

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Week 7-8 are all about Desire, the tiny little devil sitting on our shoulder and whispering in our ears all the things we yearn to have or to do, without thinking.

Desire can become so uncontrollable, that even the smartest of us, start making poor decisions. How do we control our desires and decide between which of them really help us to become stronger, calmer or more happy and which will just feel great for a moment, but leaves a foul taste afterwards?

Which will help you and which will sent you flying into a dark pit, if you give in?

To be able to understand our desires, we have to analyse them and listen to what our heart sings to us. A heart without brain is reckless, a brain without heart is cold…

It is the combination of both and the awareness, which teaches us how to work with our desires, so that we rule over them and they not over us.

There are many different types of desire out there and many meditations, which are supposed to help you gain what you desire, turning completely around what Meditation is originally meant for.

It is supposed to be a tool to rid yourself of earthly desires, so that your mind can be at peace and reach nirvana.

I am not a huge fan of either of these approaches. I don’t want to rid myself of desires, because you can grow if you keep on working towards them. But I am not a fan of trying to manifest every desire coming to my mind either, because not everything we desire, will do us good.

Maybe someone desires to become famous, but will that really make him happy? Or will he, once he reached that goal, just focus his desire on something different, always searching and running after the next fleeting impression.

But if he now desires to be succesful with something he loves and is following this dream, chances of him coming to rest and being at peace with himself and his work, are so much bigger.

If you desire is owning a car, is it because you truly need it and it would considerably help you in your live…or is it to impress others and just gives you a short moment of happiness, till the other person has an even bigger car and the
circle of desire starts again.

These two weeks are here for us, to listen to the songs our hearts sing and to become aware of what we are truly yearning for. We will look behind the facades and try to find out what it is that will help us how to use the power of desire (where  there is no desire, there is no will) to live the life we are yearning for, without restlessly chasing after short sensations.


15-mim Meditation

+Mantra: Think about your desires and what they mean to you. Now create a Mantra that reminds you to take a step back first, if you usually follow your desire straight away or if you tend to constantly control your desires, choose a Mantra, which is reminding you to give into your desires from time to time and to enjoy them with all your heart and no regrets.



+A tiny exercise: I want you to give in to something you desire. Make yourself a present, but do it purposely, not the first thing that jumps to your head.

Do something that does you good.

Enjoy a special meal, live out a secret desire with your husband/boyfriend, buy the book you wanted since a long time. Know that you are giving in to a desire of yours and enjoy it. Choose something where you feel like you won’t regret it later and even if it is turning out different then expected, don’t regret it, there is no need too, because you made the choice with your heart and brain, the outcome is never in your hands, but up to fate.

Monday, Tuesday:



Review: Have you figured out your desires. On which once have you acted immediately? where were you able to take a step back first and actually deciding whether to give in or not?

+ Meditation

+Exercise: I want you to write down,all the things you desire,but are aware that they won’t come true. These are usually things that already happened, which where in the past and changed over the time. Write them down and burn the paper.

Imagine how these desires fly away with the smoke and let them go. Time can never be turned back, instead of getting stuck with old desires, make room for things actually possible. Maybe you want your best friend back, but time changed, you are stuck with these old feelings and want to turn back time.

Instead let them go, make space for new feelings, call your friend, have a talk, accept that sometimes we or other people change so much that we have to let them go, to make room for new people. But maybe you also are able to discover a new base, on which you can build up a new relationship.

Thursday, Friday:




+ Mantra Review:  We did this already a couple of times now. Change it if needed, leave it if it’s working 😉

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday:




+Exercise: Let’s analyze your desires. Write down all the things you desire right now. Wether they are material or emotional. Look at them and now I want to ask you why do you desire these things? What is the motivation behind the desire?

Become aware of why you want/need certain things and now if you could just pick 3 out of these desires.

Which are the ones, that mean the most to you?

Which will help you fulfill your live? These are the 3 desires to keep in the back of your mind, whenever you make a decision. Will the way you are going help you to fulfill any of these 3 desires? If not will your choice still do you good? Sometimes you have to treat yourself to keep on going 😉

Thursday, Friday:



Review-time: Did the Mantra help? Are there any changes? When did you come across your desires? When did desire challenge you?

I will see you back in two weeks and wish you a happy meditating =)

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