Welcome back =)

It’s time I tell you what is going to happen next. We accomplished the first week of my meditation challenge and it was much harder than I thought =).

(Here you will find my review about my meditation week =). )

How will we go on from here?

I will still keep the frame from the book I was telling you about, from Marie Mannschatz. Simply because I don’t really have a feeling for the meditation yet and she really knows how to get me thinking about my life.

This means we will stick with doubts and confidence. The first week was all about becoming aware of situations, where you start doubting yourself. Week two is all about the reasons we start to do so in these situations.

I will have to question my reactions and start analysing them.

So let’s get to the week plan =)


Mantra: I already picked my Mantra for last week. It is “Shine Bright”. Now it’s time to over think it. Does it work for me? Should I change it completely or just adapt it. It’s time to experiment. Most people say, it takes time to get used to a Mantra, so you shouldn’t give up on it too fast, but this meditation challenge is about experimenting a bit and finding out what suits you best.

This means if you feel like the Mantra isn’t yours, change it, try something new, you always can go back to your old one.

I will write down any changes I will make, probably the same way I did it last week. I simply was writing down everything that came to my mind. Just let all those ideas flow. You will feel it when you wrote down the right Mantra =)

+10-Minutes Meditation

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

10-Minutes Meditation: If you noticed that 10 minutes are too long for you, just shorten your time for a minute or two. Don’t force yourself, because that’s not the purpose. You are doing it to relax, not to put more pressure on yourself. If it is too short?! Lucky you, you are great. Well if you feel like you can sit down and just breath without constantly talking to yourself, feel free to push your limits. Add as much time as you think will work for you =)


10-Minutes Meditation

+Midweek-Review: Here we go again. Time to sit down and start questioning yourself. This time it’s all about the reasons behind the doubts. What leads us to lose confidence or start doubting ourselves?

There are mostly two reasons. One is when we start comparing ourselves to others and the second is whenever we feel like we can’t live up to expectations others are having. STOP!

Why do we let our feelings be controlled by others? How come we either feel confident or intimidated by what others achieve or don’t?

So the big questions for this review are:

1. When am I influenced by what others do or say? What are my feelings? Green colour for good feelings, red for negative feelings.

2.In which situations do I compare myself, let others pressure me? Is it always a certain person or group of persons?

3. How does my body react whenever negative feelings and doubt arise?

This is to test how big the influence is, that others have on me. Becoming aware of this, is the first step to learn how to focus on myself.

Don’t get me wrong, letting others influence you can be a great motivation and can push you to do your best. But as soon as negative feelings arise, I will have to step back, take a look at the situation and let go of them.

Thursday, Friday:

10-Minutes Meditation

This week is pretty similar to last week. Next week I will finally move on to a new main topic and away from doubts and confidence =)

Enjoy and keep doing your best =)

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