This is a little throwback to my past travels across the world. Because believe it or not I have travelled before I had a Blog and also not all of my journeys ended up on this Blog, but it would be a shame to not tell you about some of the awesome places I visited 😉

So I went digging into my travel archives and pulled out my first proper backpacking tour through Malaysia for you. Starting of with Melaka and why you most definitly should visit Melaka on your Malaysia Tour!

Malaysia will always be my first love when it comes to travel. So far I just had the chance to visit one part, but I am sure I will see the rest in near future.

Now to Melaka. You might also know it under the name Malacca.

Why would you go to Melaka?

I got to confess there is no beach and no jungle.

But there is a lot of history in this town. It’s a quaint city, where you can feel and see the influence of its turbulent past at every corner.

It’s a place where life runs slow and where you can enjoy a stroll through the artsy stores of China Town or along the riverside. It’s good food combined with a ton of history and it lies super convenient between KL and Singapore! 

How to get to Melaka :

Easy. There are plenty buses from Kuala Lumpur as well as Singapore. Just go to the terminal and book one. It lies so convenient between these two places, that it’s worth to make a pit stop there on your Malaysia & Singapore journey.

Transport in the City :

The center is quite walkable, but if you are not feeling like walking, you could rent a bike or take one of the many cabs. Otherwise there are several buses running. Best just ask for help from the locals, they always helped me out and I managed to find my way. There is also the option of the very colourful Trishaws. They trump themselves with decorations and most even blast lovely (or less lovely) music. I didn’t take one at that time, because I was traveling with my aunt, her husband and the two kids. So we kept things simple =)

But to be honest, I would walk. It is a great city for a stroll =)

What to do:

Now this is the big question right? We went straight to China Town first, where we had lunch in a random restaurant, strolled through the streets and found the lovely body builder statue which was just perfect for a selfie.

From there we had a stroll along the river and ended up in a small restaurant with a lovely view of the river at night. Because we where with two little kids, we skipped the Nightmarket, but I hear it is pretty awesome. It’s called Jonker Walk Night Market and opens at 6 pm until 11 pm every Friday and Saturday.

The next day we went to have a look at the Stadthuys, which makes you feel like you left Asia and just dropped back to the Netherlands, if there wouldn’t be the Trishaws everywhere.

Melaka’s two main influences have been European and Chinese. The Dutch occupied the city for 150 years, while many Chinese traders have settled down in Melaka and their culture intertwined with the locals, which is also why there is a big cemetery in Melaka. It’s called Bukit China and a nice stroll for the afternoon.

And lastly, there is the ruin of St. Paul’s Church, which gives you more information about the history of Melaka. Before hiking up, take a picture at the Porta de Santiago.

There is even more fun stuff to see, but I didn’t have the time when I visited, but I did some digging and this Blogger from Singapore has some really cool spots like the Moschee, some cool cafes and other great tips for you if you decide to go to Melaka =)

  • History 85% 85%
  • Food 90% 90%
  • Major Sights 40% 40%
  • Slow Travel 100% 100%
  • Relax 75% 75%

So this is why you should visit Melaka =)

You don’t need a ton of time for Melaka, it’s perfect for a Day Trip or a stopover between KL and Singapore. I still wouldn’t miss out on it, as it gives you a unique view into Malaysias history, has great food, a relaxed evening with river view and loads of arts shops and street art.


If I end up in Malaysia I for sure will stop by Melaka again and enjoy it’s quaint charm =)


Have you ever been in Melaka? What are your tips for Sightseeing? Or do you want to know more about Malaysia =) Drop a comment down below and let us know!


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