Well I just couldn’t help it.

MERRY CHRISTMAS *lalalalalalala-singingchristmassongs*

Well ok, no I am not actually singing Christmas Songs, because I am really not in the right mood.

Celebrating away from home just doesn’t feel right, celebrating in a country that doesn’t celebrate christmas at all, doesn’t make it any better 😉

But enough about me^^

I hope you all have a quite and peaceful christmas, no major fights in the family about the burned chicken, no burning christmas trees and hopefully no other major disasters happen.

I hope you all are going to have good food and spent this days with your loved ones^^

This is the time of the year where we should forget our troubles and problems.

Just breath for two days, let all the negative stuff go. So easy said isn’t it? But I hope we all are able to accomplish exactly that this christmas.

Light a Candle and be thankful for all you have. I will do the same =)

So again, Merry Christmas 😉

Ps. Love you guys *hug*

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