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There is this huge big trend in Beijing now, well not just there, but worldwide.

Micro-Breweries are small breweries, which produce just small amounts of beer, hence the name, and most of them have special flavors and even crazier names.

I was quite excited about finding out that they had something like that in Beijing, because I love Beer. (Duhhh, such a prejudice – I am German 😉  You might know my post about the Qingdao Beer Factory (definitly worth a visit^^)

So back to the point I love beer^^, so I had to find one of these Micro Breweries.

I choose this one: Slow Boat Taproom

Dongcheng Qu,Dongsi Batiao 56 Hao 东城区东四八条56号

I picked one close to my Hostel and walked there and let me tell you the Hutongs are really a freaking maze. Luckily I wasn’t alone, but with somebody I met at the Hostel, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have walked all these dark, tiny roads alone in the dark.

We got totally lost on our way back, it’s like the roads look different from one direction then they did from the other direction. If you try to take a taxi good luck, because not many drivers will know the location. It is a bit of an expat and local secret spot^^

So here I was in the middle of December, somewhere in the dark, looking for the Micro-Brewery. Nearly walked past it, but then stumbled into this cute little bar. Definitely a pleasant surprise.

So here I am in the Slow Boat Brewery and a board full of super fancy names. We picked a beer. Something with imperial and fairy aaaaaaaaaaaaaand ohh bloody hell it was aaaaaaaawful 😀

Now I know that many people are in love with all these crazy flavors, but woho beer isn’t supposed to taste like flowers xD

Don’t ask me how I managed to drink it. I am not quite sure 😉 I did and was pretty tipsy afterwards. I didn’t want to give up, so we went to the bar and tasted some of the other beers. Like Zombie Pirate Ale and Monkey Fist and none of them worked for me. They switch them on regular base and all of them are special in some ways.

I am a bloody purists, I confess, no weird flavors in my Beer!

So Micro Breweries in Beijing? Yes or No?

The bar itself is trendy and fun, so I totally get why people enjoy them so much. The beer itself is  not my thing.

But if you are into different flavors and not knowing what exactly you will get when you order your beer, then Micro Breweries are going to be awesome!

I say try it out, it definitely is a fun night out =)

Enjoy and tell me if you liked it!

Ps. I am so sorry for me being picture lazy that day, it was so cold that I didn’t want to carry my camera and I reeeeaaaal need a new cellphone, those pics where horrible xD



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