So first for everybody who doesn’t know it.

What is Halloween?

Halloween is an originally Irish Festival, the night before All Hallows Day, which is a Christian Holiday to remember the death. It is believed to have Pagan roots as Samhain falls on the same date. It is believed that the connection between Earth and the Otherworld is the thinnest during this time. By carving pumpkins and dressing up as ghosts we protect ourself from the bad ghost, by keeping them away or pretending to belong to them. Want to know more? Wikipedia is your friend and helper 😉

So why am I so crazy for it?

Having a bit of a Pagan Streak I just love the idea of it and I absolutely love the fact that I can dress up and everybody can be crazy and mischievous. Some of my friends say I remind them of a fairy (not because I look particularly fairy like, but because of my love for tricks and being such a free spirit) It’s in my blood I just can’t help loving this holiday =D

halloween in china
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Halloween 2012 – What you can do with toothpaste and watercolors…I think this one is pretty brilliant! (It isn’t very easy to find professional make-up in China or Costumes 😉 )

Is there Halloween in China?

If the chinese city has an expat community, then there will be a ton of crazy party’s going on. But I am pretty sure you won’t get a day of. So celebrate all weekend, but you gotta work on Halloween. If you are living in nowhere like me there won’t be much going on. Even though I saw some teenagers running around with witches hats today, which really made me smile. It’s the little things 😉

What will I do?

Well figuring that I was out with a cold all week, I couldn’t join the little party the others had this weekend. Well I could have, but would probably infect everybody around me xD They were playing cards and watching a scary movie. Because I missed that I just couldn’t help it. I left some cute “Mandarin” pumpkin on everybody’s spot at the table =)
Just to spread a bit of Halloween Mood…Trick or Treat !

So in this spirit:

Happy Halloween!

How did you celebrate it?

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