Did you ever notice that nobody goes sightseeing in their home town?

That’s why I figured it’s time for me to explore Cologne and share all the secrets and amazing places which I am going to (hopefully) discover and already have discovered, with you.

I just recently got aware that I know basically nothing about Cologne. I have been living here since two years and went once or twice to a museum, whenever my family was visiting me. This has to change,

because there are so many people coming to Cologne as tourist and they know all the sights better than me. (Well, I know at least the good restaurants and bars)

I want to make my very own Cologne Guide for you, if you ever decide, you want to visit this beautiful city.

On the weekends I will go out and do the research and take pictures for you. Every Tuesday I will add a post about one of these topics.

1.Public Transport & travel with a car

2. One-Day Itinerary

3. Top 10 Sights (Because it never is possible to see them all)

4. Parks and Lakes, where you can relax or have a barbecue with friends

5. Places to go shopping (with some of my favorite second-hand shops and hidden gems)

6. Nightlife (where are the locals hiding? )

7. You are starving? No worries, some of the best food places!

8. The most important: How to survive the Cologne Carnival (5-days party)


If you feel like I am missing something and you still have questions, just contact me and I’ll see if I can help you.

Maybe you want to join me in this challenge and make a guide about the city/town your living in? I would love to read something about them =)

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