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First I think Diets are crap and being skinny fat ain’t healthy for you! But more to that later.

So who is wondering why they are not losing any weight, even though you are always on a Diet?

This could have two reasons.

You could have a dysfunction of you Thyroid Gland. In these cases your body isn’t producing enough of a certain hormone and your whole digestion is not working properly. This is actually what I am having myself, which is why I have to take a tablet everyday. Otherwise I go apart like a balloon, even if I eat nothing and do a ton of sport. It’s so not fun xD

Many people who are overweight, hope for exactly the same sickness. Because what better excuse to gain weight, if you can’t change it, because your body is not functioning properly.

I am sorry to disappoint. Just 1 out of 200 adults will get this. You most likely are alright.

So then why are you not losing weight?

Because of the biggest Diet Sinn ever, you are starving your Body!!!

Let me explain.

First you will simply lose water. So the first weight you lost, which made you continue the starving, is the water you had in your body.

This comes f.e. from less salt intake, because you eat less. Salt usually binds water. Then your body will go over and go after the protein stored in your muscles. So instead of fat, you will lose muscle. Less muscle, means less energy burning and your body can protect itself better.

Because by now it doesn’t know when it will get enough to eat again. So your body tunes everything down. Your digestion, your fat burning. Your whole body goes into battery-save-mode.

If you eat normal now, it will save every calorie it can! Being worried that it might have to starve again, your body will try to save as much of your food as possible. The result you got your old weight back or you might even gain weight!

Not eating enough is the worst thing you can do to lose weight longterm! Generally you should never eat under 1200-1400 calories a Day. For man you can put the calories even higher.

Now I know there are many people out there, super skinny and they just nibble on their salads. You can get there, but consider two things. If you like food, like me, there is no way I would want to live that way. Secondly, they have close to no muscles or can’t build muscles. What use is being skinny but being weak and not healthy?

You do not have to fit into Size Zero. Much more important is that you can move, endure stress and are healthy. Even when you are skinny your risks of Heart Diseases isn’t that much lower. But if you go regularly running or do other endurance sports you can reduce these risks.

Back to topic. You don’t eat enough, your body thinks it starves and you won’t lose weight!

So don’t make this dieting mistake!

What should you do instead?

Change your eating habits for longterm. Less fatty and sugary stuff, more veggies, lean meats and even carbs (as long as you don’t eat too much and eat them for the right time, they are essential for your sport progress).

And do Sport!!! A great body doesn’t happen without hard work! You will need to sweat and train.

The process will take time and effort, but that way you will make lasting changes!

But this is a topic for another post.

So everything again in short!

the biggest diet sin
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Do you have any more questions? Maybe I can help, otherwise I might can show you to some great websites, which actual proper studies, if you want to know more. Just drop me a comment, I’d love to hear from you =)

Keep on rocking!

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