There is this tiny little village in Ireland.

It is pretty much in the middle of the island.

I give you that it isn’t the easiest place to reach, but there are buses from Cork or Dublin to it.

And if you are going to miss this tiny little town, you are seriously stupid !

Not like there is veryyyyyy much to do, or that they are famous for their pubs and music, but the place is soooo cute, it is really worth a visit and even an overnight stay.

We stayed there on our way to Doolin and came from Cork. Anything in town can be reached within minutes, there is a supermarket to get all you need, a cute pizza place and a couple of nice pubs.

And then there is the Rock of Cashel.

Once the home of kings, now a church ruin, which never the less will take your breath away. It was given to the church from the former king of munster and damn they build a cathedral that will make you a tiny bit speechless.Rock of Cashel- once the home of kings, now an old church ruin, which still will leave you speechless Click To Tweet

The entry is free if you purchase anything for more than 15 Euro in town, yes your hostel or b&b counts too and there is a lovely free tour included, to give you all the juice details. Otherwise 7 Euro for adults and 3 for students, as I do not know for how long this special deal is.

When we arrived we where nearly blown of the rock, so put some warm clothes on, it was really windy up there. You will be able to look over the whole area, a stunning view.

There are two parts of the church one with a stone roof, imagine that, a whole roof made out of solid stone…it gets fixed right now, who knows when it will be done.

The other part has no roof anymore, it got destroyed by a very bad storm in the 18th century and also because the cathedral got abandoned around that time. So you enter this place, you will see the high walls and above you is just the blue (or rainy, depending on your luck) sky.

From there you will have a look at the old graveyard, which is about to be closed very soon. Well it actually is already, but as there where some family graves, the people didn’t want to give up when it was closes sometime around 1930ties I think, they are still using it for these family members. So far there are just 5 more on the list, all woman, now what does that tell you 😉

You will get even more funny facts about irish traditions and about all the riddles the cathedral gives the historians.

And you will for sure have discovered the church ruin in the valley below by now.

Cashel is worth visiting
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Hore Abbey- founded in year 1266

Check all of the Rock of Cashel out and hear the story of how it ended up where it was (the devil saw his enemy, he took a huge bite out of a mountain range and followed his enemy. When he reached the area of cashel he saw his enemy, and spit all the stones out. that’s why it is the only hill as far as you can see 😉 Nice little story )

Take your time at the Rock (with the rock they mean the whole hill) and then head down the little pathway next to it in direction abbey, follow the road, turn left and you will reach the entry to the abbey you saw earlier.

You could jump over the wall, but the field you have to cross is used by the farmers for their cows, good luck not stepping in cow poo.

The Abbey was my favorite part in Cashel.

First there where no tourist, second there where no barriers. All open for you to explore.

The Abbey is the best part in Cashel. No tourist and no barriers, all free for you to explore =) Click To Tweet

Like the rock of cashel this places breathes history. stroll around, discover the grave stones in the back, which were a tad creepy (fully expecting a hand to shoot out of the ground any second) and just relax, maybe even sit down a bit and take all of this in.

You are sitting in the middle of a cow field, on the left over stones an ancient building, where people came to worship since hunderds of years.

I actually allowed myself to meditate there a bit. Places like these have a certain energy flow. It is hard to explain, but like everybody who visited there left a bit of himself. These places are strong, if you are open to the idea of things happening that maybe can’t be explained 😉

If not, that’s fine too, still a great old ruin for you to discover 😉

From there just head back into the village and stroll around a bit, window shop or have a peek into the craft shops.

Small villages kind of feel more like the real Ireland.

Cashel definitely will give you an experience which you won’t find in any of the big touristy towns. It is a touristy place, don’t get me wrong. But everybody is greeting each other, no hustling, no stressed people running around. It is calm and peaceful there and it feels like the locals really want to share their history and knowledge with you =)

Take a dive into the countryside, it is an experience not to be missed. Or let’s put it this way, I loved it and I am pretty damn sure you will too 😉

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