ALways Back-Up!!!

There are always these little things some of us just have to learn the hard way.

Listen to me and make it better. It will save you so much trouble.

What I am talking about is making Back-Up’s of your work.

I am one of these people getting lazy when it comes to those things. For my blog I have an automated backup, so no worrying there. But I never even thought about backing up the date on my laptop. After all the laptop is new, there won’t be anything happening.

Till now I also had rarely really important stuff on my hard drive, most of my pictures and music are saved immediately on external drives.
But now I pre-write my blog post, whenever I have the time, but no internet, so that I can put them online later. Which means I actually have quite some hours of hard work on my laptop, which I didn’t think about -.-

Till IT happened.

I tried to install an old game (worked perfectly on my old laptop, not so well on windows 8) and I managed to kill my hard drive. There was no more starting my laptop. I just had a lovely blue screen to stare at.

Thankfully all Lenovo Laptops have this nice little button hidden somewhere (mine is right next to where the charger goes) and if you push
it you will be able to set your laptop back to how it was when you bought it or to your latest saving point.

Buuuuuuuuut I didn’t have a saving point.

I managed to save some data with the help of a computer savvy friend, but I made my second stupid mistake. Instead of copying the single elements I
tried to copy the whole document folder, something went wrong and I didn’t notice.

So yeah my Laptop is back working, but I can’t open the document folder I copied, my data are all lost and I tried several tools, no way to get them back.
All of this took me a whole week to solve and I was so frustrated that I had to start rewriting all the posts I prepared again, that I literally was sulking these last two weeks. (If you were wondering why I wasn’t posting any new content)

So what did I learn?

1. Always back-up everything once a week, not just my blog, but also my personal data, things go wrong very quickly.

2. Don’t try to install games made for Windows XP on a Windows 8 system, without backing up. I might kill my laptop again.

3. When rescuing documents, don’t copy the entire system folder, but the single items inside. Take the time, less risk.

4. Sulking does not bring back any data and is a waste of time.

Here we go, please do it better than me and follow these simple rules.

I learned my lesson-.-

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