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Maling Kungfu Acadamy goes to Hollywood!

Ok not quite.

We are going to Nanjing, to a talent contest, where we have to perform with a singer…in short Kungfu Show in the Background. And guess what, it will be on national Television! (If they don’t cut us out of the show xD).

When Master Bao told us all of our eyes where lightning up.

Some already saw themselves as famous Kungfu Movie Stars, while others where more like Hotel& Food…ohh and Nightlife…Yippieee School Holidays!

But no matter which motives all of us where sure. We want to go!

And then I got sick…and everybody was making a fuss…sooooo much to repeat xD Started today and it ain’t that much. I missed 4 days of training, but I started today and with a bit of practise I think I will be fine!

This is going to get changed around a lot anyway…as usual…worst case in Nanjing. Stuff always gets changed and switched around.

So one tip for keeping it together in China when training for a performance : Keep Cool! And always expect the unexpected.

Master Du is already unexpected. Totally loving the director lifestyle, he absolutly absorbed his role, by giving me a hard time for having missed the first days. (I ain’t training with fever, that’s where I pull the line).

Problem would be solved if he simply would tell me where exactly I had to position myself in the group, instead of shouting at me when I did the first go with music! Hate it when people get loud, instead of simply giving proper instructions.

I think I so would make a horrible actor…can’t deal with all those big emotion people, especially not when I am cold and freezing.

But that’s showbiz right 😉

We even all ordered special uniforms. Master Bao, the headmaster of Maling Kungfu Academy, picked the colors…they are a lovely blue and gold. With all the Bling, Bling we slightly feel like Genies out of some oriental story 😉

So in that sense, for the fun of it, you are getting a Sneak Peak of our training and first Day in Nanjing =) Enjoy^^


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