Well here is as promised the post about our performance last Tuesday. Originally there would have been some on Wednesday and Thursday but as so often things changed and now the next one is next Tuesday.

But nevertheless I will share some of the pics with you.

What is up with this performance stuff either way? – Well the school wants to start a summer program for kids during the break and for that they need to present themselves.

So in short loads of advertisment.

In all it was 7 of us performing, the rest was taking pictures with kids and handing out flyers to their parents.

Here is the Video of the Boys performing the schools Group Form.

Did I want to perform? Well you take it as it is and just do it. Three of us showed the Tai Chi Fan and supposly it looks much nicer with a girl in front. I agree to disagree, but I survived somehow and it was as usual actually fun, once I was on stage.

But then here are 3 things that happen when one performances in China.

  1. People go picture crazy. Suck it up, give them your best smile and prepare to pose a lot, with all of them. You are an attraction. That’s why many shows want to have foreigners. It gives the whole thing an international touch and makes it seem bigger and more important. Sounds strange? Well that’s just what it is. SMILE 😛
  2. People usually do not clap a lot after the show is done. Now this has nothing to do with you performing badly, that is just what it is. None of the performances got loud applause. Even when you are going to bigger events, it is rare for the people watching to burst out into loud noises. Sometimes they even jump up as soon as everything is done and nearly run to the doors.
  3. The music is going to blast away your ears and more often then not it will be a wild mix of styles. They even manage to take away the silent beauty of a cither sometimes, by playing it with technostuff in the background. Ohh well what can one do ^^

So all in all it was a fun but long evening, with all of us being a tad exhausted the next day. But with every performance I at least become a lot more calm about doing martial arts in front of a crowd 😉

Have a great weekend. I am now off to some holidays in Lianyungang. It’s a port city not so far away to get away a bit from daily life and to give you some new great travel content. See ya on Monday and love you =)

Ps. Look forward to my next post then, where I will ask around what tips and tricks everybody knows against stage fright ^^


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