In between all the famous sights, grand skyscrapers and famous places, Shanghai is actually hiding a little gem in its outskirts.

A small place where time stood still and the old Shanghai invites to explore.


As many of you maybe know, Shanghai is a River City. It always has been relying on boat traffic and as so many of the other water towns in the Area of Shanghai like Suzhou or Tongli (which I visited – read here all about my weekend in Tongli), Shanghai had many canals itself.

Not much is left of the former Water Town Charm, but this tiny little place called Qibao Old Town and it shouldn’t be missed.

How to get there?

Take line 9 to Qibao Station and take Exit 2, from there just follow the signs.

Is there an entry fee?

No, the scenic area is free, but you will have to pay for the museums, the shadow puppet shows or the boat ride on the small canal. But everything is fairly cheap. 30min Boat Tour cost us 10 Rmb per person.

What to do?

I recommend the Boat Tour, maybe getting pictures taken in traditional clothing, trying out all the different snacks (Qibao is famous for them) and also getting some souvegnir shopping done. The prices are a lot lower then at the bigger sights and the atmosphere is really nice.

Otherwise just stroll through the small streets. The area isn’t very big, but still enough to feel like you dropped straight into a movie set.

When to go?

There is definitly more going on on the weekends, as many locals take the chance for a short city getaway, but then also everything is definitly open. Under the week it will be more scenic, on the weekend you will have the typical Chinese buzz. It’s up to you =)


Enough talk, how about I show you the pictures now?

Enjoy =)


If you liked it feel free to pin or share it =) Happy Travels enjoy your Day in Qibao Old Town and talk to you soon ^^

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