This is well, good question, I am not sure what this is. I guess you could say this is the need to express my feelings about certain things, far to many of us keep quite about and just let silently happen.

You know me I can’t keep my mouth shout against injustice whether I am ashamed of my own country or an open letter against terrorism.

This is my rebellion against stupidity!

Wow I got really worked up didn’t I?!

Let’s start with the story.

I was going to Starbucks to get myself a nice cup of coffee, while working (don’t judge, Starbucks cups are so much bigger and thus cheaper than coffee in a cute cafe place).

It’s a sunny slightly windy Sunday afternoon and I am heading into the city. While crossing the road I hear some weird noises. Figuring it might just be some drunks or some kind of family fight screaming around, I keep on walking.

Looking to my left I see a ton of police cars and some flags.” Mhh flags, guess some kind of demonstration.” Until I realize which flags these are. Black, red, white. White not Gold.

These where the old flags we had before the end of the second world war. The traditional German Flags and ohh boy that colour combination is ugly.

definitely not a fashion statement. Ok who am I kidding, these flags are so ugly because they symbolize the darkest times of hate in our country.

They symbolize inequality and the idea of being more worth then everybody else.

I can’t see them in any other light.

So I listen a bit more.

And it is the usual rants against immigrants, about how great Germany was and whatsoever. All in line of the freedom of speech, so that the police won’t have a reason to interfere.

But we all know what is behind these words.

I was itching just to go there to scream at that dude that he is a shithead and is talking stupid stuff.

But I didn’t.

Firstly it would be of no use and second I don’t want to give them a reason to use the law against me.

So I didn’t insult anybody. No need to be sued. I have other means to get my message across.

This is why I am writing.

Today I was actually planning on finally writing my post about the fear of driving alone on Bike through Germany. But I suddenly got scared that horrible people like them will use my post against everything I want to achieve and against everything I want to stand for.

But I will still write my post. Because it is ok to be scared or careful in certain situations.

It is never ok to let our actions be controlled by these fears and insecurities.

We as a country have so much and we also have so much we can offer other people. People who need help, support or maybe just a home.

People like me, who never really felt at home here, but for my parents Germany always was there haven. Sure our family history is a bit  different, we were germans to begin with in a weird and entangled way. But we came here and Germany gives everybody the chance to built the life they desire.

I can work when I want to, but have the freedom to travel the world the next month. I can build a house or start a company. I can be political active.

Germany offers chances.

We all got this chances by the pure luck of being born here. Compared to others we have so much more than we need.

Time to share.

We are all humans! Every immigrant is human!

Just like us. Is it not time to start helping each other and working together instead of fear and a feeling of superiority control our actions`?

Sometimes I wonder, did any of these people demonstrating today ever leave the country and visit some place poorer.

Actually really visit, not just stay in some Holiday resort`?

Did they ever see kids steal food out of bins, while you could count their rips?

Did they ever see an old woman carrying super heavy bags, while she wasn’t even able to stand up straight anymore?

Do they actually do anything for Germany?

Did they ever pass food to homeless people on the streets`?

Did they support kids with learning disabilities with school work?

Did they ever spent time with an elderly person, just to talk and be there.

If they did this much and have seen all of this, if they were this human, they wouldn’t be able to say these things but actually feel compassion and try their best to help.

But no, they are just scared idiots.

Some from the middle class, worrying they could have any less than all the riches they already own. Clinging to the fear of losing their hard-worked for prosperity, which becomes worthless if you are not willing to share it.

Because money never makes you happy. If they would be happy, they wouldn’t feel the need to demonstrate for things like this, they wouldn’t want the negativity in their lives.

Some are on state support and scared that they suddenly will get less money from the state. But if you have time to demonstrate, you also have time to look for a job. Because what I learned is that there is always work, if you are willing to do the hard stuff.

I am having freaking 9 hours shifts, just standing without breaks sometimes. When I finish I am not feeling my feet anymore. But work is work and I can plan my shifts how I need them.

So they are just lazy. This may sound harsh, but yeah I think they are simply lazy and scared.

And some, some are simply stupid. They hold on to the old stories and history of a group of stupid maniacs, who nearly destroyed the world.

What use is clinging to the past and not learning. Some people just refuse to learn.

Can’t we just work together and focus on saving our planet, giving everybody equal chances to live the life they desire and giving everybody a future.

Do we need to hate each other out of fear and stupid ideologies and in the process of doing so destroy our planet and the future of our children and the generations yet to come?!

I may be an idealist and too soft-hearted, but I have a dream…

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