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I finally made it to Qingdao and School Number 3 the Ren Shi Gong Fu School, which lies pretty much between Yantai and Qingdao, in a small village.

Here my lovelies you will experience real Chinese Country Life. Which can be a great thing, because not many of us get the honor to do so, but it also can be slightly overwhelming and maybe pose some challenges.

The school itself is in a bit on the outskirts and the training hall is inside a traditional house. Also the students rooms, which are right next to the training hall. You literally just have to walk a  couple of meters out of your room to start training.

The school has room for 3 students at max. You will get your own big room, Internet, training and Food, cooked by the Masters wife.

All in all it was clean, the heating was ok and the food was not to bad either. I had a try 😉

This is probably as close as you can get to training the traditional way, by living with your Master and sharing everything.

The price is one of the lowest I heard yet, especially for what is offered.

But there are 2 things which are stopping me from going to this school.

  1. While you will have 4 hours training each day, a lot of the training depends on yourself. Here you won’t be pushed until you break, but more gently edged and what you do then is up to you. Now for somebody like me who is Queen in prognosticating, this will maybe not work out to well in the long run.
  2. I do not think I would be able to be just around a handful of people 24/7. There is nobody. Sometimes maybe just one other student, which means you have to be very good at occupying yourself. I think I would get a tad bored.

So for whom is this school then right?

For those that want to gently dip in to a very traditional Kungfuexperience. Who do not want to learn all the crazy jumps and kicks, but more practical Kung Fu. Those who like to meditate and just want to focus on themselves without distractions of any kind.

It breaks my heart, because the Master was such a lovely and nice person, but I have to move on.

I still haven’t found my school yet. How hard can it be to train Kungfu in China? Am I asking for too much? It is wrong for me to search for a school which has the right vibe for me?

Should I maybe just give up this whole search and apply to any school and just deal with it? Are they not all about the same?


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