[OK it seemed like there where some minor misunderstandings. This is strictly my personal experience and reflects my feelings. I do have a pretty straight forward writing style and I may sound a bit harsh, I also have a pretty dark humor, so understand that not everything is always quite as black 😉 ]


So here we go. I took the Night train and am currently in Yantai ( a really cute city by the way, more to that later)

AND I visisted my second Kungfu School in China , Kunyu Mountain School, which lead to me being slightly (ok very much) disappointed.

Well I should have known after my awesome visit at school number one (read more about it here), this one would be a lot more commercial.

Well and they didn’t really give a fuck about me being there or not. I get it, loads
of students, even in the winter time about 60.

Just 5 Masters, so I don’t even want to imagine how big the groups are in the summer time.

One student more or less doesn’t really matter. Which is fine, because for a school that size it isn’t possible otherwise. Big or Small all have their pros and cons.

They are on the top of every search result. Ok the website is crap (like a tad old) but still up on the list means up on the list.

Well it was a pain in the ass to get there. But then at least you are definitely in a scenic area. I asked for public transport but they forgot to tell me about the bus that comes nearly up to the school. So I had to take a taxi. I mean ok it was just 50Rmb, but still-.-

The School building from the street =)
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The School building from the street =)

I arrived and a girl came to pick me up at the door to show me around.

Now she wasn’t even an official translator, just a student that wants to
work there in the future, I was told later by some other students. Which is fair enough, her English was pretty decent^^

They had gradings..the students were pretty decent, but like I said before. It seems like they have many students for not many teachers, for my taste.

Well then she showed me around. The place is pretty nice, at least the hall and the outside area. New building looks nice, old building looks soso. Toilets are awful but it’s ok.

Just the usual. It’s still China, I doubt that they will be much different in other schools.

Well and then when I wasn’t sure if I wanted to apply or not I was left alone.

“Here is the Bus-times, you can watch the sparring well and goodbye, write us an email if you know.”

Ok this is going a bit overboard but yeaaaah that’s kinda how it felt.

Awesome warm and welcoming this place (can you hear the sarcsam?!)

The school surroundings. Gotta give them that, it's a super cute place
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The school surroundings. Gotta give them that, it’s a super cute place


This school has everything I was looking for. A great training area, I love the
surroundings, offers student visas and a Master certificate (for which you will have to pay an extra fee), takes part in quite a few competitions and  teaches lots of different styles, but also has frequently changing teachers, as I heard. While some of the teachers are there for a long time, others leave…which is probably the same in any school.

So the school that offers what I want, has an atmosphere that gives me the creeps.

Do I really want to write about a school like that and possibly even promote then?

Do I really want to live in a place like that?

Then I might as well pick any school in Dengfeng , am at the middle of everything, pay the same price and can make far better connections down there. Don’t think that the accommodations would be any worse., they are usually everywhere about the same.

So yeah I am not really in love with this place..like not at all.

Do I want too much?Should I just cut back and make a compromise? Would a school like this grow on you? I am really not sure….

We will see-.-

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