Smashing Blogs

Hey Traveller,

We all have to get our inspirations from somewhere, right?!

This is why I want to share my absolut favorite blogs and websites out there.

NOOOO I am not trying to send you away, just saying when your done reading you might want to check some of these out 😉


ANTI TRAVEL GUIDES: This lovely blog is from Luke Marlin, an Australian Travel Blogger and what can I say, the name tells you all, get the secret hints, not the tips from the usual “travel-guides”.

TOOLS OF TRAVELThe a bit different Travel Blog, Barry is on a road to adventure and loves his workouts, so I just have to add him to this list. He has some great reviews and inspirational stories =)

AMATU ARTEAWell that girl has been busy, traveling since 2004, so a lot of stories for you to check out =)

ONCE WE WERE YOUNGBig yeahi for lots of fun events, festivals and adventures =) Thank you Taylor&Daniel

TRAVEL AND STORIESAgain a Travel Blog which shows you how locals live =) Richa shows you places of the beaten track and gosh she does have amazing pictures!

JET SET BRUNETTEAgain pure inspirational pictures and this woman nows how to go on holidays and have a good time. Follow Courtney and her husband to lots of beautiful places.


OWN YOUR CUPCAKE- Get your daily dose of cupcake love. Liz gets you motivated, while telling you fun stories and she always manages to make me smile, no matter how hard my day was! You’re going to love her, I promise =)


Sarah ArrowDamn that wiman knows what she is talking about. Currently I am taking part in her 30 Day Blogging Challenge and her E-Mails are so much help. You want to get your writing mojo going, this is the blog to read !

In Work, more will be added soon!

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