You know that I love talking about Martial Arts and this is one of the things I noticed many people have problems with when training, so I figured I write this little post about it and hope it will inspire you to become an even better martial artist!

Almost everybody starts out training with blunt weapons, otherwise we get hurt and we might chop our leg off or an ear!

Let me tell you even a blunt weapon can leave scars.

But when training with a blunt weapon, often our minds become blunt too. We don’t take the form as serious, we don’t focus on each and every single movement, we do not have to be a 100% in the moment.

We don’t mean it!

Which kills of any form and limits your skills so much.

This is why you have to keep your mind sharp!

When doing any Form or Kata, you have to mean every move. Every move is an attack or defense, every move has a purpose and every move is there to protect you and fight of your enemy’s.

Even if it is just a mental enemy. (Sounds to serious to you? If you don’t take it sirious how to you expect to master it?!)

Yes your blades are blunt, but your mind has to be sharp.

Getting to this point isn’t easy.

Especially if you do not understand the forms you are learning yet or if you just see them as pretty Fitness Routines then as what they actually are. They are your manual to being strong and a fighter.

They give you all the tools to beat your opponents, mentally and physically.

It isn’t a dance. It is a fight. Against yourself and any potential enemy.

Many get frustrates because they don’t see the sense in Forms/Katas, they say they are useless. But there is a quote you should keep in mind.

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times

Bruce Lee

Believe it or not, after practising a form for a month you will get an idea, after practising it for several month you will slowly come to understand it and at one point the moves become a reaction, without you even thinking about them. But that takes years of practise and also of training the proper way.

When training, you have to mean it. You have to mean every step, punch and kick.

The Headmaster of Maling Kung Fu Academy, I am training in, sums it up quite nicely.

You need Power and Spirit.

If you don’t have these, the form becomes empty and useless.

But to get there, you have to keep your focus and you have to want it.

You have to stay sharp, much sharper than your weapons.

Learning the skill to focus won’t just help your martial arts, no it will help you with any obstacle in your life or any new skill you have to learn.

Because you know how to focus your mind and energy, so that you will be able to overcome any challenge.

You know to reach a goal you will have to work hard on it, things don’t just fall into your lap. But also that if you want something bad enough, you can make it happen.

Focus, stay sharp and mean every action you are doing, that is what will help you achieve almost anything in life.

Stay sharp and learn every move by heart. If you just do it with your body, but not also with your mind, you will never truly grasp the essence of a Martial Art. And if you are not
able to master or even use it, what are you even learning it for?


Do you have problems focusing on your movements? Let me know about it and maybe we can work together to improve your Martial Arts.

Or do you have any tips for the other readers. Share your Wisdom ^^


Ps. Don’t get me wrong. I do not want you to over think everything! Don’t let your head bind your movements. But that’s a topic for another post!

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