Let’s get something straight first, the term “Superfood” is bullshit.

There are no superfoods, none of them will miraculously heal your sicknesses, make you superhuman or make you lose 10kg in seconds.

So if you where looking for some wonder weapons here, this post will disappoint you.

I won’t start naming random fruits, which will solve all your problems, but I will try to give you a different view onto the whole situation.

Originally I really wanted to make a list with great fruits and veggies out there. Garlic is supposed to sink your cholesterol, blueberries might cure cancer and don’t even get me started on the rumors about Quiona (or however you spell that word, not even my spellproof program knows it). None of them have valuable proof. While they might contain certain nutrients that will help your health, you would have to eat a shitload of them to make a change (28 garlic cloves a day to copy the doses given in the laboratory – You go, your colleges and family will start to hate you – smell alarm).

I did my research and spent hours checking out the internet and any proper source (speaking nhs and other official health organizations, they speak it out-sounds all nice but lots of other fruits and veggies would do the same for you and all the super health claims are fabricated by supplement suppliers and giants of the food industry) often all these great tips and tricks are just more fluff and puff instead of the truth.

The term “Superfood” has no official criteria, basically you can call your chocolate cake Superfood if you feel like it and nobody will be able to say anything against it. Well no, officially they banned that term, which isn’t stopping the food industry from inventing new phrases.

One good thing about it, at least the people start eating veggies again.

It is a money-making machine and most research is founded by the producers, test results are vague and criteria strange or useless. Ever wondered why superfoods are so much more expensive? They sound weird, cost much, so they must be good for you?

Don’t fall for the trap, instead of superfood, mix your diet with everyday vegetable and fruits, which will have the same effects on your health or eat them if you like their taste, because they are still healthy, just not as healthy as you might want them to be.

Which is the point in the end.

Keeping a balanced diet and giving your body what it needs is all you have to do.

It is quite simple, eat a bit of everything, not too much from certain things and try to eat as much natural things as possible, in short everything that grows outside. So if you are craving sugar, go for the pineapple instead of the candy. And if you just need that piece of chocolate, go for it, just don’t eat the whole thing.

We crave what we need and usually if you crave sugar, your body is telling you it needs some energy. Give it the energy and pay attention, when you eat a fruit salad you usually will feel how that craving stops after a while, but strangely it never stops if you are eating cake and cookies.

Give your body what it needs, but give it the right fuel. Dark greens are great for Iron, Fruit is awesome for Vitamin C and Green Tea is great against thirst, while adding some flavor instead of just plain old water.

In the end your body needs all these nutrients, but they won’t miraculously cure you. There are so many factors playing a role in health issues like cancer and high blood pressure that one simple food just won’t do the job.

But by eating what you need, you keep your body fit and strong, which means it is much easier for it to fight against diseases.

Just keep it balanced. A bit of everything – just not too much.

So which “Superfoods” should you be adding to your diet?

How about all of them. A bit of pineapple, a couple of blueberries, maybe a glass of red wine for dinner, a nice salad with some beef, a chocolate muffin as desert, and a carrot as a snack in between.

superfoods you need to add to your diet

Whatever you feel like, just try to get your 5 portions of veggies and fruits daily. The dietary guidelines are what you should be looking after. Many smart people sat together and figured out what would be the ideal diet for humans. They do not tell you which fruits to eat, but they still tell you to eat them, cause they give your body what it needs.

And in my opinion that is the most important thing for staying healthy and happy.



(Source: http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/superfoods/Pages/what-are-superfoods.aspx

http://www.eufic.org/article/en/artid/The-science-behind-superfoods/ )


What do you think about the whole Superfood trends? Are they worth our times? Share your opinion!

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