Tefl? The most useless thing ever for non-native English Speakers!

Well even for people who are native English Speaker if they don’t have the right passport!

This is maybe a bit of a rant now. But then I guess I am just very disappointed into the working world right now.

I always figured I could rely on at least being able to teach English as a source of income.

Well not in Asia anymore!

Even China officially changed the law 2015-2016.

In Korea and China teaching English without a Passport from the 7 eligible countries (USA, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand) is not an option anymore.

Not even if you have been an English Teacher for over 10 years (not that I am, but just in theory). You still can volunteer, but all the paid jobs are unavailable for you due to Visa Regulations.

In Japan you might get it if you can prove that you have been studying in an English-speaking country and have gone there to school for 12 years.

Another thing is that they now request a Bachelor Degree. People let’s be honest, why would somebody with a proper degree do such a low paying countrys?


  • Passport
  • Bachelor Degree
  • preferably around 20-23
  • and let’s add 2 years teaching experience

Can you change anything about it?

Nope! It is the Visa regulations, which means if you oppose them you can be fined or worst case deported.

What does this mean for me?

If I don’t marry a Chinese Men or get a Job offered in a non-teaching position there is no way for me to work and teach in China, or Korea (aka marry a Korean) or Japan, Vietnam and Taiwan ( who are also changing their conditions).

The only place in Asia is Thailand, which makes it hard but not impossible, but the pay is not the best.

China I am so disappointed. They rather take an Art Bachelor from the States, with no Tefl or other teaching experiences, then somebody who loves the work, has been living in China since nearly two years now and knows Basic Mandarin.

Geez I even would be willing to take the TOEFL or any other test to prove my skills in English.

I am writing a Blog, Articles and working on a Book in English. I’ve gone to highschool in the States with great grades to prove it, lived and worked in Scotland and spent some time in Singapore. That should be enough to prove that I am fluent in English.

Plus I know how it is to learn this language, 8 years of english grammar can’t be worth nothing.

I am angry…do you notice?

So no TEFL for me as it is absolutely useless, unless you want to teach in Europe or some countries in South America, where you will be competing with local teachers, which speak the national language.

Which is why I really don’t get why they even offer these stupid courses and tell you on their websites that you will easily find work, even as a non native.

Such a big money-maker sheme…

I will keep you updated one eventual changes in the regulations.

But so far it looks like they rather have somebody from a native country with absolutely no experience instead of maybe even actual English Teachers from non-native countries.

Yep TEFL is a rip-off! State at least the stupid facts on your website and save me hours of research -.-

Ps. Seems like some people figured out how to trick the system. They travel to a country with a tourist visa and somehow score invites, but I haven’t figured out the details. Feel free to share if you know more!

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