Here it is. The cold ugly truth. For the first time since I started travelling I am actually really scared of something.

And to make it even more ridiculous I am scared abou of traveling solo in my own country.

I mean it is freaking Germany, the land of rules and people behaving accordingly, but I am still scared.

This is why I haven’t been writing much about my Bike Tour Planning. I have been pushing it farther and farther back. But it’s now time to tackle this issue and get it off my heart.

Originally we, my sister and I planned this tour. But due to some stuff she has to do for university, she won’t be able to tag along.

So I will need to do this Bike Tour by myself. 30 Days on my Bike, sleeping at Campgrounds or Couchsurfing and that all alone!

I am terrified to travel alone!

It is weird how Media affects our common sense. There have been cases of rape in student areas and in combination with my fear of the dark, a camping place sounds like a nightmare at the moment.

And don’t even get me started on riding with my bike through the forest. This is what scary movies are made of xD

But I know I am unreasonable here. I know the statistics. Most cases of violence against woman are from the immediate surroundings, friends, neighbours, workpartners and such.

Still there is this nagging feeling.

Weird isn’t it.

But this isn’t actually what this post is about.

This is more about the fact that it is ok to be scared.

And that it is ok to be careful.

It is just not ok to let ourselves be controlled by this fear and to stop living our lives on how we like too.

Because then we lose our freedom and fear has won.

I have to confess I am often controlled by this fear.

How many have their keys in between their fist, when walking home, to use them as weapon?

-Because I do that.

How many of us change the side of the road when they see one or a group of drunk men on one side?

-I do that.

How many call friends when they walk home in the dark?

-Mine got countless of those calls.

How many are on the edge the whole way until they are able to look the door to their flat behind them?

-I am.

I love the atmosphere of a city in the night, but I can’t enjoy it, because I am constantly cautious.

Always Vigilant ! – Thanks Prof. Moody – So much truth to this sentence

Now you maybe think I am overly cautious. But statistics have shown that 1 of three woman gets sexually assulted.

All these news articles at the moment make this fear and awareness of that fact even more scary and I really do not want scary in my life.

I don’t want to be scared about crossing the road anymore at night, I don’t want to worry about some idiot on the road staring at me while holding his d*** in his hand ( yeah that did happen and I am still grossed out). How much longer do I have to feel insecure, because some man (not all – but all it needs is for everybody else to look the other way) feel like they have the right to touch woman and molest them against their will.

I am so tired of being terrified to travel alone!

I am not a thing, I am not being owned by anyone and I am not going to let this fear control me anymore.

I will do my Bike Tour – and hell if someone dares to do something I am going to break some noses or sue some asses.

There is a reason I learned martial arts and am studying law. So I decide that it is ok for me to be scared, but I will defend myself if I need to.

Because it also is ok for me to fight back.

And it can’t be that I am more scared in my home country, because I am doing a bike tour instead of traveling to places with lots of other tourists. This is my home, time to feel safe again.

I hope I can prove to myself and to the rest of the world, that it is totally ok for a woman to do a tour alone and still be safe!


Phewww I really had to get that off my chest.

This has been bothering me a lot.

Time to start planning my Bike Tour!


I control my fear! I won’t let it control me !

What about you? Did you ever not do a trip because you where scared? Or do you have any tips on how to deal with the fear?Please share them, I would love to hear from you =)


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