Weekend is over and I am finally back…wasn’t even sure if I could write today or not…there where minor issues with the internet, it is still uploading the Video, but as soon as that is done ((hopefully by tomorrow) I will UPDATE this post.

I figured I would cut the Videos together, as the last week really was rather uneventful and the weather not really that nice. Bad timing to have a Video Project, even if training in a Kung Fu School 😉

So what is usually going on onThursdays?

First there is Qigong, which I am severely struggling with. Standing /Sitting still and breathing with an empty mind isn’t quite my strong point.

Making my head shut up is a quite a challenge, but it’s slowly getting better and it actually helps me in other situations, in training and in daily live to calm down and focus, so good thing to learn.

Afterwards there is a Session of Conditioning, where one literally hits trees, walls, bags or each other to condition the body against punches and kicks. I kinda bruise like a peach and always end up looking like I just had a major fight, but then I maybe sometimes do go a bit overboard with some of the exercises, especially punching trees or asking for stronger kicks.

Yeah this sounds so wrong, but I guess one has to be a slight bit masochistic to do this, but better now in a controlled environment, as screaming in pain in a serious fight. It is quite fascinating how a body gets used to hits and pain. I already know that my bruising will become less and less, that’s how it was the last time too^^

After the kind of relaxed morning, the afternoon is well the complete opposite.

Powertraining !

The dreaded enemy of all of us.

Ok I am going overboard, but well this is where you take the strength training to extremes. Depending on your Master be prepared for either caring people around, doing long distance wheelbarrows or countless push-ups. Sometimes you lift weights, sometimes you do planks, weights, sit-ups. They always find a new way to make you go to your limits for the next 2 hours. If you are not sweating and completely exhausted by the end you have been doing something wrong.


What was up on Friday?

Fridays also start off nice and easy. At least that’s what I think, but most of the guys are not such big fans of Power Stretching. Splits, Butterflies, Shoulders. Your body gets pushed in all different directions and usually with slight (quite a lot) force. Each stretch you hold at least 30s. Now I am not a big fan of the force part, as I do like to breath into the stretches and can edge myself pretty good to the borders of my flexibility, but some of the guys have such stiff muscles that one actually has to put the whole weight in to stretch them xD

Well after 1 1/2 h of hearing people curse and scream (very entertaining) we have another Forms class.

This time we were practising our group form and finally learned the whole thing. It’s something one does perform as a group at competitions. We divided into 3 groups and got the whole thing tought and in the end we compared who was better. Well for me kind of just sitting at the floor because all the extra training for my Sanda Competition left me a bit trained, but we did pretty good 😛

Afternoon then we usually have our 10k run and then clean the school, but it was raining cats and dogs. Half of the students still left for their runs and came back completly wet. Thumbs up for the insanity. I didn’t, first I couldn’t have taken my phone with me and there is no way of me running an hour without music or my lovely Zombie Run. Second with all the mud around I probably would have managed to fall and in the best case just twist my ankle 😉

Instead I skipped a rope for a while and stretched my sore muscles. In the evening usually everybody chills out and is happy that it is finally weekend 😉

And that’s it…that’s how Thursday and Friday training goes. Like I said I will upload the Video as soon as possible to show you some of the more exiting stuff^^

Have a great start into your week and lots of love from China =)

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