Ouch…nothing I hate more than sore feet.

I fall into the same trap every time I travel. There is so much I want to see, so I walk and walk and walk...until I have the feeling my feet are going to explode and they are super sore.

Do you know that problem?

Usually it gets better after about a week of traveling and I get used to the constant walking, but ouch those first Days hurt.

Guess what I figured out a way to make it a bit more bearable, because not walking just ain’t an option and I enjoy the journey so much more if I don’t wake up in pain the next morning 😉

I know the reasons why somebody gets sore feet vary from person. People like me, who have a bit of a flat-foot usually feel the pain much faster. Or if you are a bit heavier, got problems with blood circulations ect.

But my tips are pretty much universal and are there to easy the pain and get your blood flowing, so that your body can recover faster^^

So these are my Tips against Sore Feet after a long Day of walking!

  1. The most important Tip. Get proper shoes. I know Ballerinas and Vans look great, but they offer virtually no support for your feet. You shoes have to fit properly and support your joints, otherwise your muscles will overwork adapting to shifting and trying to catch most of the impact. Worst Case you actually damage your joints. If you know you will be walking a lot, get a good pair of shoes.
  2. Have a water bath. But careful now. Are you feet sore? Then use warm water to relax the muscles. Are your feet swollen and hot? Then use cold water and later elevate your legs for about 30 minutes.
  3. Get a Massage. There is a reason why pregnant women love their foot massages. Ask your partner for one, or treat yourself to one. Especially in South East Asia they are so cheap, and what better way to finish a Day of Discovering with a nice relaxing massage. Treat yourself, because you are worth it.
  4. Stretch. It is so easy, yet most people totally underestimate what stretching can do for you. It improves helps prevent muscle aches, eases tensions, improves blood circulation. In short do yourself something good and stretch out. For sore feet there are in two stretches you should be doing. One for the calves and the other one to get your blood flowing again and especially to get it out of your swollen feet. Instead of the split you also just can lean your legs straight up the wall, if you just want a very light stretch!

I hope this helps a bit. Sore feet shouldn’t be an excuse to miss out on your awesome holiday. Remember your Body is important and you have to take care of it 😉

Happy Wandering!

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paper tips against sore feet

By the way, if you have any other tips against sore feet, please share them with me. I’d love to hear about it =)


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