This is the first post of my diary section – Kungfuprincess rants – where I will talk about things, I simply can’t ignore.

I have this post saved as a draft since more than two weeks. I wasn’t sure if it would be a good idea to share this post or not. I am aware that this is a controversial topic, but I hope I can get my message to you.

It is time for us to stop the body shaming, to stop judging others for their looks and to start loving ourselves. This is why I made a little video rant.

In the video are no big secrets revealed, just some points to consider and just sharing an unpleasant experience and how certain behaviour just pisses me off at times.

Probably many made this experience I made and this is my way of telling you, you are not alone, it is not ok and it is not your fault.

In the end there is nothing more to say just: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL – no matter which size you wear…

Now let me introduce some people and fellow blogger that inspire me again and again to love myself.

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Yes I love myself, every little bit- and you should love yourself too!!!

Carol Rossetti– She makes the most beautiful drawings of woman of all sizes and shapes, love how she gets straight to the point and names the things how they are. Most of her pictures can be found in either English or Spanish =)

This post by another blogger. I loved the story, she just hit home with it. It is about her finding her voice and fighting against fat-shaming. Thank you Jenny Kanevsky =)

And then there is this video from a fitness coach and YouTube star. It went viral sometime ago and shows, that even the most sporty ones are not safe from body shaming. It gives you something to think about…if you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out at YouTube. “The perfect body”

Now I want to say sorry. I was ignorant in my youth and I might told other people hurtful things too, things I had no right to say, things that just came out because I wasn’t using my brain. If I did hurt anybody in the past I am apologizing now and I hope that you can forgive a stupid teenager.

Ps. The term “generation top model” isn’t originally from me, so I won’t take the credits, I heard it first from a friend of mine, who is studying law with me, thank you for my new favorite word 😉

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