Well after a busy first Day and week-long preparations, the time has come. The long-awaited final Video of our TV Performance and some more peeks behind the scenes from me.

I am sorry that this took so long. Lisa cleaned the Video from the Camera Hard Drive and I had to run after my fellow students to finally get the hands onto the Video and then I actually forgot that I had this post prepared and it has been sitting in my drafts the last months. I know shame on me xD

Starting a new Day

We got up early and staggered up to the Breakfast Room. As expected the pictures where nothing like the reality. No waffles, normal coffee and fruits, but a typical Chinese Breakfast with dumplings, warm orange juice, soymilk (which I love by the way), some cookies and toast slices with very bad jam and cold chinese snacks. Not the best, not the worst, it filled us up.

Afterwards we headed back to the TV Station for an early lunch there and some more training. The last things got tweaked and changed around and finally our performance was set. We didn’t get much practise time as they had a full program and already the next group took the stage. But enough time to get it down so far that everybody seemed happy.

Break Time

Then finally, to my delight we got a quite long break for several hours before we had to be back in the evening for a last run through with our Singer and the whole Dance Team.

So I and some other students grasped the chance and headed to Nanjing Confucius Temple and the surrounding area. We just wandered around a bit and checked out the scenery, while stuffing ourselves with loads of ice cream and coffee. If you want to know more about Sightseeing in Nanjing this is the right post for you.

Back in the Studio

Dressing up and action. Besides minor positioning mistakes it went well. We just went once and that was it then. While other groups had to repeat quite often. So padding ourselves at the shoulders we were done for the night and headed back to the Hotel.

TV Performance Day

We had to be back at 11.30 am, so Kasia and I couldn’t help heading to a bakery and buying snacks instead of eating that weird canteen food we where getting at the TV Station. Ohh how good an actual sandwich can taste !

After practising the getting on and off stage we had a bit of time, calmed our nerves with hot chocolate and had to go back to our dressing room – yeah we actually had a dressing room! There we got Make-Up and our hair got fixed. The boys were not quite as amused about the Make-Up, but I’d say they all survived it 😉 Now we just had to wait until it would be finally our turn.

After a bit more training and everybody getting all giddy and excited, a random dance session in the hallway to calm the nerves, here it is the final result!

I quote Kasia’s brother now (for everybody who doens’t know Kasia is my roommate) : That’s some Disney Shit!

Enjoy the Performance 😉

I have to be honest. I didn’t remember anything afterwards. I had no clue if I made mistakes or not. My mind just turned completly blank. But it always does that after important tests or performances. Thank good when looking at the Video it seemed all right 😉


We totally celebrated the whole thing and kept taking pictures and where in the end the last people to leave the stage. Tired and totally excited about the day some of us then finished celebrating in a bar and later club. We wouldn’t get much sleep, but that was still totally worth it. Great Day and fun Night Out, what more can one want? =)

So that’s it, until the next adventure^^ Have a great Day!

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