Well that’s was it! It’s over…the 5 seconds or better 3 minutes of fame passed in the blink of an eye, but it was worth it!

Absolutly insane what kind of preperation goes into every detail of a TV Performance and it definitly was all worth it for simply witnessing the whole process. Thanks Maling Kungfu School for the possibility!

But let’s start with the beginning 😉 – Want to know more about what is going on, read this.

1 . Arrival in Nanjing

How cool is that we got picked up at the school.

Originally it was supposed to be at 1pm. But always when you want the Chinese to be late, they are early xD It’s just never on time. Which ,by the way, is driving me insane!

The Bus itself was comfy and we had more then enough room, so ten minutes in I was blisfully sleeping =D We arrived in Nanjing and went straight to the TV Studio at 5 pm.

Suprise, suprise…practise time! Half of us where in Jeans, the rest was rather tired from the 4 hour drive and all of us actually just wanted food and then a hot shower. But that’s it in China, always be prepared for any possibility.

2 . The TV Studio

When we stepped into that big huge glassbuilding, we where slightly awed. I mean we are living in rural China, that place was the complete opposite. And to our all delight it had absolutly clean western toilets. What do you want more?

The TV recording room was not that big, but really nice set-up. I guess in total it would fit about 500 people, don’t think more. Now that number ain’t too bad. That took a lot of pressure of. I had worse, this would be ok^^

So we started a walkthrough and the director of the show was just amazing.

Well at least I thought so, others where less impressed.

A tiny, old Chinese Man, with a microphone who could be heard from everycorner of the room and yes he made is voice heard. But I love people like that. He knew exactly what he wanted, no nonsense and just gave straight forward instructions. This, that and that…now do!

We where a tad suprised about the background dancers flying around with very long flowy clothes. Where the heck where we supposed to perform?! But then that was solved with us performing in front of the stage after the first half. Pretty sure those parts where just for the audience in the room and won’t be seen on the actual final cut version of the show.

But they at least showed our names 😉

But then we are just the background anyway, so whatever. Take what you get and enjoy it!

3 . Cut, cut and cuuuuuuut

A lot of our stuff got cut off, at least some of the fight scenes. Which I didn’t regret, because that gave us more time to actually run around the huge stage and would take quite a lot of pressure off…plus it did look a tad chaotic. There was just too much going on all at once. Others didn’t take it as lightly, but what can you say.

 It’s showbiz right, old man says, we do.

So after a while of running around the stage and figuring the actual choreography out, we where allowed to go and went for the food downstairs. Well they don’t feed their backstage staff and singers very well. It was free, but it definitly wasn’t yummy. But we where starved by now, so at least the rice was allright 😉

4. That can’t be our Hotel?!

After the more or less satisfying meal and a short pitstop at Starbucks (my favorite place in China), we headed to our Hotel. It was just 400m from the TV station, so we marched with our bags through the rather civil traffic and arrived at a big shiny Hotel.

“This is it, we are here”…yeah noooooo way that place would be our Hotel.

And we where right not to hope, because sharp around the corner, hidden next to it was another building.

We expected the worst, but it actually wasn’t bad. The rooms where pretty great and clean. The heating didn’t really work, but the beds where super soft and luckily it was a warm weekend anyway.

The view on the other hand was pretty stunning and I was happy. Ok we weren’t in the 5 Star Hotel, with probably awesome breakfast, but in a solid 4-Star Chinese Hotel. It was free, it was comfy and it was close to the TV-Station!

5 . Food Hunt

After the unsatisfying Dinner Kasia, Marcel and I decided to go look for the food street the Hotel told us about. It was easily found after 10 minutes of walking and the perfect example for why I love China.

A ton of small street vednors selling the usual fried rice and other snacks. Some small places with chairs in front and a couple of full, but a tad rundown restaurants.

We actually found a nice one and to our delight they had a picture menue. Fried Seafood (nice and spicy), Three delicies (aubergine,pepper and patatoes) and a Chicken Dish (in a big pot) ended on our table. Ohh boy was that food good.

How great does this look...delicious spicy seafood, with patatoes!

How great does this look…delicious spicy seafood, with patatoes!

Good food makes me happy 😀

Afterwards we just strolled a bit more through the streets and by the time we where back at the Hotel, we all agreed that Nanjing was a cool place.

I was simply happy being back in a City again and enjoying the lights, stores open until late at night. Feeling secure walking down the streets at night and the noise and buzz. Can’t help it, I am simply no country girl xD

So with these thoughts we went to bed at 12pm and had to get up the next Day at 7.30am for Breakfast. (Did I mention yet how great those showers where?)


That’s Part 1.

I decided to break the whole thing into pieces instead of tossing a 3000word essay into your faces 😉 So soon you will get to read the second part of our TV Performance and also see the final Video ^^

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