I am at my last stop right now…and well it isn’t going as planned.

I wanted to visit three schools in Dengfeng. One never answered at my questions about the application, the other one is on holidays and the last would have been Tagou school. Which I am not able to afford.

I couldn’t change my travel plans anymore because I had to pre-book everything, because Chinese New Year is making traveling incredible difficult at the moment.

Everything is booked out. That’s why I was stuck in Qingdao for one week.

Maybe I needed that break? I do not know.

But I am slowly running out of time.

So what I am thinking off right now is that I maybe will just apply to one of the schools and train for one year and be done with this stupid search.

In the end most schools offer about the same stuff. It maybe would be easier finding the right connections and teachers once I already started training and am in China.

I am simply waiting for a tiny sign that I am doing the right thing here. All this hard work and hours of research have to pay off in some way, right?

By the way a fair warning.

If you go to Denfeng, pick your Hostel wisely. I picked the one with the prettiest pictures.

Well they do not really speak any English here, maybe when they change shifts I will be more lucky, or they have more English speaking stuff in summer, during tourist season.

The heating seems ok, but there is no hot water for showers. I am waiting for my coffee since 20 minutes, she is still trying, but I got it for free, because it too her so long, so a big plus for the service =)

Besides that do not trust their flier and walk. Take a taxi! They forgot to draw
in all the roads and it is easily a 30-40 minutes walk from the bus station.

It’s called one of the YHA Hostels. The international they still have to practice.

But the room is clean and in the summer hanging out in the common room must be really nice and the staff is pretty nice, even if I do not understand them and they don’t understand me^^

There are about 4 other Hostels in Dengfeng. I can not guarantee that they will be any better, but according to the guidebook you might be able to get a breakfast at the other one from YHA.

But now I am here, so might as well make the best out of it. Today I will try to get as much writing done as possible, but the Internet is painfully  slow and I am still waiting on the response of one last school.

Otherwise Middle Kingdom School it is, so far the best I saw and the most friendly people.

Tomorrow then I will show you some Kungfu Action…finally huh 😉 Well at least if I can find some. But I am guessing chances are good, when walking past the big schools^^

And I will show you where all of these students get their clothes and weapons from. Plus I will tell you the prices that are usual…which means happy haggling 😉

In the afternoon I might visit another Temple around here, just to show you that there is much more to Dengfeng then the Shaolin temple =)

So what comes next?

We will see…I am taking the pressure out now and am just going to wait and see…time for me to start believing that what is meant to be will happen. I did what I could, now I wait.

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