You guys know me, I am a sucker for small places and hidden gems and today I will take you to a tour through Tongli.

Tongli is a “village” (probably more people living there then in a middle-sized German city xD) very close to Suzhou and I will tell you know everything you need to know and why you should visit Tongli 😉

First, How do you get there?

There is a Bus leaving from the Train Station in Suzhou. Suzhou is just half an hour away from Shanghai by train. Just walk to the North Side of the train building when you arrive and exit to the left. There is another huge building, go up to the second floor and there you can buy your tickets. (When you are a student go to the tourist information first, show your Student ID and get a tiny paper slip stating that you are a student)I didn’t know that and was staying in line first, she made made me go back to get the paper and I had to wait again-.-. Price for the Bus and Entry Fee is usually 108 Rmb (students :58). It will take about 50 minutes^^

Once you are in Tongli you can either take the Shuttle Bus (5Rmb) or you walk. It is a 10 minutes walk. Simply show your ticket and ask or follow the signs 😉

When I entered I first went to the Hostel and dropped of my stuff, before I went on the adventure and I loved it. Small alleys, old fashioned buildings and gardens and lots of tiny restaurants along the canal.

You can get pictures taken in traditional clothes or eat yourself through local snacks. Plus the houses and gardens are giving you a great idea of what life was like in these villages ^^

To enter the sights just show your ticket and they will stamp it, besides that just stroll around, the scenic area is not huge, there are signs set up everywhere and one day should be plenty enough to see everything…

By the way sorry that I have no night pictures it was raining cats and dogs and I was too cold and soaked to go out there again at night xD

The next day I just got myself some tea and had again a look around, thankfully without rain and in the afternoon I went back to Suzhou, ate something and decided to check out the city a bit.

I have been to Suzhou before, but I forgot how cute it is. I really enjoyed these couple of hours. Simply get out of the bus station, go across the place where the local buses are leaving, platform 4, Bus number 1 brings you to tourist attractions, bus ticket costs 1 Rmb. I just hoped of when I saw something interesting and then walked through the area =)

Enough talking 😉 let me show you some pictures =)


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