How is it going my dear friends? Did you sweat as much as me too last week? The weather was incredibly warm, leading to us being a bit lazy.

But this week we can do much better 😉

I am glad that you are back to join me for Week 2 of my 3 Week Fitness Workout for Students

I went to Milan last week and got inspired by the awesome food and the great italian attitude towards food. Enjoying it and just picking the best ingredients. It’s all about eating slowly and really enjoying every bite.

So this week will be totally Italian =D

I set together the meal plan.


I am not changing anything about the Fitness Plan.


I know many might think that eating healthy and italian food are two very different things, but there is so much more to Italian then just pizza and Ice Cream.

Some great facts about Italian Food

  • They use a lot of Olive Oil, which is said to be very healthy for you and greatly improve your skin and hair (thus often used in creams and shampoo)
  • They have light breakfasts, Lunch is the main meal and a late and light Dinner
  • You have to enjoy the food, no rushing or To-Go
  • Lot’s of strong coffee, without much sugar – gets your digestion going
  • Lots of salads (giving your body plenty work to digest and lots of nutrients)
  • Plenty of tomatoes and garlic – both linked to your hearth health
  • Pasta to kill your cravings – but you need to control your portions!

Week 2 of the Meal Plan for 3-Week Fitness for Students Challenge

As before for week one I am adding my favorite recipe links, which I will try out, this week for you =)

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

  • Crepes (the ones you froze)
  • Apple
  • Mozeralla Sandwhich (Mozeralla, Smoked Ham, Basil, Balsamico, Butter)
  • Ice Coffee ( Treat yourself my friends)
  • Light Salad and Pizza (Make or Buy – Just remember the portion size! )

Day 7

  • Coffee & Cookie
  • Peach
  • Spagetti and Tomato Sauce
  • Tomato and Mozeralla (simply cut and cover with balsamico)
  • Salad or potential rests from yesterday – again however you feel like!


And that’s pretty much it. Everything is pretty easy to make and in the end it all comes down to Portion Sizes!

Pasta isn’t supposed to fill up the whole plate, but just a part!

Happy Cooking and let me know what you think =)


Ps. Here is the link to the 1 Week Meal Plan.

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