What is Germany? – Am I Germany?

Ever wondered if you could just go on an adventure in front of your door? Or how much you really know about your home country? How big the diffrences in the North and South are?

Is home what you think it is? I will try to answer these questions on an epic bike ride through the whole of Germany.

Finally, I said it. It’s starting. This took me a while to write. Plans changed around, stress in university, rearanging my room at home to make space for my sister and to be honest I wanted to hone my idea first.

This is the start of an epic journey which will happen this august and to be honest I am slightly terriffied.

What is the plan?

I will ride from North Germany, the city Kiel, all the way down to Lake Constanze in the South, through the middle of Germany, on my bike, all alone.

what is germany
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This journey will stay true to my favorite travel quote! – Picture from my Instagram =)

Why am I doing my : What is Germany Bike Tour?!

1 . I love a good challenge. I have never before done a long bike tour, but I want to know if I can do it. I want to show you all that we can achieve anything we want, with some good planning and a lot of will. This is a challenge! This is a freaking adventure in front of my doorstep =).

2 . Which brings me to reason number two. It’s time to get to know my country, the arts, the fairytales, the history, the nature…there is so much more to Germany then just cars and it’s time to show this to the world.

3 . Finding my identity. As some of you might know, I am a German Citizen, as well as my parents. But both of them are born in Romania, as “Siebenbürger Sachsen”, a small german community which has lived in Transilvania for several hundert years. On paper I am German, but in my heart I never quite felt at home and sometimes not even welcome. I want to confront my identity and show a light on the whole Immigration issue. Which is why I wonder- Am I Germany?

4 . If I am Germany and if Germany is what I think it is, I want to call out to all of you to support people all over the globe. Because I believe that we have so much more then we realize and it is about time that we all work together to help humans worldwide. Which is why I will support Amnesty International with this project and start a campaigne, collecting money with this Bike Tour. I want to use the reach I get with this, to do something good. So all the later posts will be with a link to the Donation Page, which I will set up the coming week.

Why I don’t care for the golden “No-Politics and serious Issues” rule!

There are a lot of pretty high goals for a simple bike tour, but I refuse to simply be just another Travel Blog and just show popular things and be all like “YAyyy the world is full of sunshine”.

I have a voice and I have a medium to make it heard, if these issues are to sober and sad for you, then I guess I am just not your type of Blog. I want to do good, my way, with the tools I have been given =) If you are in for that than welcome to my adventures!

So in the end what can you expect from this tour?

What is in it for you if you keep on following me on my journey this august?

  1. There will be loads of Travel Posts and Pictures, about places in Germany you probably haven’t even heart of. You want to know where to travel off the beaten path and really get a feeling for Germany? I will show you and I will show you, why this country is definitely worth a journey. I am just saying castles, nature, literature, modern art and charming medieval cities. There is something for every taste 😉
  2. I will show you how things work here. On my journey I will try to report from a Homelesshelter, Immigration Home, a Dojo, talk with traditional traders and many more. This is a project to get to know the whole of Germany, with its people, always with the one Question in mind: What is Germany? Who are we? Who am I? How do I, Immigrants and Germany fit into the picture. Let’s discover the country where Angela Merkel is from, I quote ” the liberal west’s last defender” (New York Times).
  3. There will be loads stuff about Traveling alone as a woman. Because we can. That’s just how simple this is^^
  4. Fitness Tips, Training Kungfu while traveling and lots learning by doing stories.

In short there will be loads of stories, about adventures, weird places and throwbacks, about ups and downs, about rain and sunshine.

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Otherwise I will keep you posted on Saturdays about anything Bike Tour or Topic related. Like how to prepare, the route planning, more detailed information about the mission and all the other stuff.

Let’s go on an adventure and let me show you my Home !

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Greetings from Düsseldorf

Your Kungfuprincess =)


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