“Yes I will give up my law studies to follow my heart and fulfill my dream”” Ohh so
you are going to take some time to travel the world?”

Ahm NO.

For some reason following once dream became equal with traveling the world. While that is a very nice thing to do, it is not the only thing one might dream off.

Don’t get me wrong I am a traveller by heart, I love being on the road (guess why I picked that Blog Name) but my real passion lies with training martial arts.

Most people just automatically assume that being a world traveller is the thing to do at the moment.

It became a trend to discover the world and post selfie pictures in front of world sights on Instagram. If you want to be hip, you gotta travel, but most will do so for one or maybe
two years and then return back home, to go the “normal” way.(Nothing wrong with that if that is what you want^^)

But that isn’t really what following once dream is, is it now? It is one of many dreams we may have in our life, but it wasn’t THE dream, otherwise you wouldn’t be going home.

Following once heart means to dive full in and to intend to succeed with it. There is no way back, there is just the way forward, wherever it may lead you.

And it also has not always something to do with travel.

It means to take a risk and grasp for the stars. There are no failures, just lessons and whatever this dream may be, it will be worth every pain, working day or struggle to be achieved. Click To Tweet

This dream is not a gap-year, no it is living the life you want to live and doing what you really want to do (as long as it isn’t anything illegal 😉 )

Usually it is quite rocky, whether you want to become a doctor and save lifes, open your own business, travel the world and work locally independently(because let’s face it, you got to work to eat and sleep, if now somewhere in the woods in your own garden growing veggies or in your city appartment…work is work) or like me you found a passion and you want to make a living with it, because it just feels absolutely right doing it and you don’t want to give it up.

When I was younger I always thought I wanted to be an artist. I wanted to paint and draw and my pictures would end up in some New York exhibition, but I quickly realized that this passion of mine wasn’t working with pressure, either the ideas come or they don’t, I was definitely not enough of an artist. It is still one of these dreams of mine, but it isn’t THE dream.

With 20 I found Martial Arts and trained in China for 8 month Shaolin Kung Fu and never in my life I felt so good and nothing ever felt so right. I found something I love. Every muscleache and bruise I was/am proud of and every new achievement makes my day. And I knew I wanted to share this passion with others, teach them to feel confident and to be in control over their bodies and minds.

I have found THE dream.

At first I tried to ignore it. I went back home, started studying and tried to live the normal life, because playtime was over, time to be an adult.

But I was miserable. I actually really like studying law. But there is a difference between once dream and loving the idea of what one could be after finishing the studies.

Life is too short to be reasonable, if the reasonable thing is not what you really want.

My decision to take a long break and go after my martial arts dream was like finally breathing again, after drowning for 2 years.

I knew I had now a mission and that it was up to me to make this work.

So a plan had to be made. How the hell was I going to finance the training and living in china, without being allowed to work inside of the country?

Having a dream and following it doesn’t simply mean throwing all reason overboard and
diving in. It means making a battle plan and figuring out how to make it work.

This is why so many people fail, they leave it up to faith. Some are lucky and they somehow make it, others fail and have to go back to what they had before,looking into countless faces that all tell the same thing: I told you so.

Life never just happens, you have to make things happen, you have to take the action
to live the life you want.

This is why I am working my ass off online and trying to make my way into freelancing (which is really difficult, because it ain’t easy figuring out where to look and to built up trust) and publishing e-books ( working on two right now, which I hopefully can publish this year), setting up a youtube channel and writing on my own blog.

If all works out well with my Kungfuschool and I find people willing to participate, I also will try to launch a Fitness Course.

Sounds pretty busy right?

And has actually not so much to do with my dream of learning and teaching Kung Fu?

At the first glance it looks like I dived from one work world into the next, even insaner one. But at least now I am doing something I am passionate about and I know for what purpose I am doing it.

If it all will work out the way I hope it will? Who knows, but slowly results are showing.

I am following my dream and I am fighting to get there. There is no way back, there is no giving up, because I found who I want to be and how I want to live and there is no bloody way I will ever let that go again.

By the way if you are wondering about the law, I actually plan to finish my studies after the Kung Fu break. I like the mental challenge and I would love to later help others not just with Kung Fu, but also fight for other people’s rights.

Also a school isn’t built out of nowhere, so while studying I will use the rest of the time to promote the training and try to build up a local buisness…or maybe I just become a stunt woman 😉

The world is full of possibilities, I will make this work…one way or the other.

That is what it means to follow once dream. If one way isn’t possible, you adapt, you will give it your all and you will find a way to do what you love.

Because it isn’t just a choice anymore, it has become a part of you.

Which brings me back to the traveling. If your dream is to travel the world and to live anywhere, without boundaries. You are going to make it work.

Otherwise you haven’t found your dream yet or maybe you still haven’t learned everything
yet to make the dream come true.

But yes there are people out there that have another dream but to travel the world forever and these are not less valid.

So whatever your dream is…start making it work!

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