Hi, I am Sabine, the Writer behind Kungfuprincess on the Road, a Travel and Martial Arts Blog, which is steadily growing an interested and active audience.


work with me


Let’s work together!


Let me promote your product/services or advertise on my page. I am available to cooperate together with Brands working in the Travel, Martial Arts, Health or Fitness Industry.


Why work with me?

Why work with a small Blogger, who isn’t yet published in any big Magazines? Work with me because I am covering a very unique Niche of Adventure Travel!


 I don’t just travel, I mix Travel with Martial Arts Training and social experiences.

This attracts adventurous Travellers who are looking for new Challenges, as well as people at home who wish to do something out of the ordinary.

Does that sound like your ideal Customer?

My main focus lies on Kung Fu, but I also cover related Fitness and Health topics as well as on Budget or Adventure Travel f.e. train Kung Fu in China, Bike Tour through Germany.

If any of these topics attract the customers you aim for, I am the partner you are looking for.

I am fully confident that I can help you promote your Brand or Product to these potential customers.


Need more convincing? Here is my Media Kit!


 Services I offer


  1. Sponsored Posting – I gladly write a sponsored post for you and share it over my social media networks, BUT I am just doing these for products or services I have tried myself. I write out of my own experiences and value honesty a lot. Which also means I won’t let company’s publish their own articles. This Blog lives from my honesty towards my readers. I hope you understand
  2. Banner Ads – I offer Advertisement Spaces on my Blog (Prices start at 20 Euros a month and I offer a Discount if you buy the space for longer time periods). Please contact me for more details.
  3. Brand Ambassador – If you think I am a good match to be your Brand Ambassador, I’d happily accept if your product matches my readership. This can come through an ongoing Series of Post or ongoing promoting over my Social Media Channels. If you have other request let me know about them.
  4. Brand Events/ Travel – I’d love to go on a journey for you to write about the services or product you are offering, if you are in need for a Travel Writer/Photographer/Tester. (Price is negotiable, but Travel Expenses should be covered). I offer reviews, sponsored posts and social media sharing as well as at least 5 high quality images for you to use however you like.
  5. Something else? Feel free to contact me and share your idea with me.


 Please let me state this clearly. I work for compensation (in the form of money or complementary trips/products/services), NOT for “EXPOSURE” or if the value of the product isn’t covering for the value of my time.

I hope you can take me serious as a potential business partner. If you are looking for free services, then I am sorry, but you have to look somewhere else.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Contact me for more Details!

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