RUUUUUUUUUUUUUN! They are closing in on you!!!!

For some time now I have been looking for a running app, that could motivate me to go out and start running. And I found something fun which I really wanted to try out. Yesterday I got my lazy butt off the couch and did what I hate the most. I went for a run.
Everybody who knows me probably is laughing right now, because I think running is the most boring sport ever. I know it is good for me and I know that I need a good endurance for my martial arts practise, but I still don´t like it at all.
But this might just changed. I invested my 3.50 Euro and got myself the Zombie Run App. And ohh my good that run was actually fun.

(SPOILER) Don’t read on if you don’t want to know anything about the first episode!I downloaded the first episode, went outside and pushed the start button. The story starts with a crash and you have to make your way to a safe city, 30 minutes away from you. BUT you are surrounded by Zombies. This alone makes you run fast, especially when you here a guy screaming in your earphones to run, they are coming closer.

I didn´t even enable the Zombie Chase ( a kind of interval training where you have to speed up a couple of times for one minute, otherwise you lose everything you did such a hard job collecting) I figured I might should train to run 30 minutes without a break first, before I get into the interval practise.
Put even without the chase mode enabled, I immediately got faster, when I was chased by a really fast Zombie,the last 5 minutes of the story, whom I could hear growling behind me. As a result I simply broke down after 30 minutes when the story ended and I really felt like I ran for my life.

Good feeling =)

My Highlight was the mentioning of a Hospital right when I ran past the Children Hospital. That was just an amazing coincidence. The stories give you a lot details about the surrounding of Able Township (the city your character lives in) and it is always fun if these are similar to your real surroundings. Makes the whole story just more real.
A couple of times I even had to laugh, because the app will play some of the songs in your playlist in between the actual story parts. And that will give them a totally different meaning. For example the phrase “There is no place I rather be” from the Song “Rather be”by Clean Bandit, becomes almost comical while being chased down an imaginary parking lot by Zombies. Also “Just give me a reason” by Pink was another song highlight.

I really have to get a proper playlist, otherwise it could happen that I have to stop running because I am laughing to hard.

The only downside to the App was that the GPS broke down after 2km for some reasons and now instead of the 4km I ran, my running log just has 2km in 30 minutes. I mean come on, not even I am this slow…The map has the right distance logged, just the end results are wrong, which made me a bit annoyed. I´m going to try another direction next time, maybe it was just a connection problem and not a problem with the app ( I hope).[I figured it out, it happened when I paused the game, lesson learned I won’t pause anymore xD]

But all in all I can say I am looking forward for my next run and am really curious what will happen next and how the story unfolds.

Now I will take the time and built my base with all the supplies I found while running (these get automatically collected in random intervals, you’ll get a short notice through your headphones when you found something). This is another part I like, it is a bit like a game, the more you run, the more you can built in your city and the more you can improve the live of the people living in Abel Township.

This App does what it’s supposed to do. It gets me moving and it makes running fun =)

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